Facebook vs. Google battle could become a fight between Recommendation and Search

How can brands capitalize on recommendation sites? Is there a significant difference between trusted communities and the wisdom of crowds? How great is the gap between recommendation and aggregation – personal reviews and engine-generated suggestions? And where does impartiality come in? Can the lure of affiliate revenue affect non-user-generated recommendations, or the hierarchy of results?

Social Recommendation sites like Facebook offer more information for the taking

User demographics, audience engagement metrics and syndicated feed subscription are each data plays that can change the way software intersects with users. Put them all together and there may never have been a platform that knew so much about people, monitored publisher effectiveness so closely and made subscription so easy for such an incredible number of people.

Is Recommendation smarter than Google Pagerank?

Recommendation is like a smarter, pre-emptive search before you even thought to search for anything. The richness of the data that this is based on inside Facebook is truly incredible. This could be how the battle between Facebook and Google plays out: as Recommendation vs. Search. User demographics vs. search personalization. Publisher engagement vs. Pagerank. Now what does Google have to offer against Facebook’s key feature. Call Scott or Mark at 310 281 3360 for more info

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