Facebook Recommendation vs Google Search Online Battle

Recommendations are like the search you never knew you wanted to perform. If search engines defined, and funded, the last phase of the web – it seems quite likely that recommendation will play that role in the next phase of the web. All the more reason it’s strange that a feature like this is being treated so casually by the company.

Recommendation sites like Facebook need search engines like Google so people can discover their content. But what about when users become regular visitors to recommendation sites? Could these visitors abandon search altogether, or do people use search and recommendation for different things? Call Mark or Scott at 310 281 3360 for more info

Facebook Social Network new feature for users

Facebook just announced the availability of a new feature for users creating accounts on the social network: Suggested Interests. Facebook will now recommend that new users sign up for updates from (“Like”) publishers with high reader engagement and subscribed-to by people demographically similar to themselves. That’s a unique combination of factors that only Facebook could offer.

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