our clients

Large corporations or small businesses who need to maintain ongoing relationships and sales with their Consumers. Our process creates brand awareness, affiliate sales and provides a platform to continually communicate about the products and/or services while providing critical data on new market trends and niche markets.

Film and Television Studios who need to promote their upcoming releases and shows. Other successful campaigns have leverages the power of social networks to increase ticket sales and maintain dialog long after a film or TV show has been shown. Our process allows for viewing, discussing and monitoring on all three screens (TV, Computer and Mobile).

Labels and Musicians who want to expand their listening audience and need an efficient and widespread method to sell product, keep in touch, manage, and continue to grow their fan network.

Video Game Publishers seeking long term connections with their gamer and game networks. Our methodology builds brand loyalty, character development, and awareness of new games. Our goal is to foster existing and new discussions about game nuances which in turn generates sales through word of mouth.

Software Manufacturers who have call centers and need to maintain consumer confidence, sales, and timely updates to their software and services.

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