Marketing a Brand online today very simple. Find out what your brand is all about. Look for competitors and see how they are marketing their brand. Then trace how they are promoting. Does the competition make direct to the public or do they indirectly talk about new items to their product line. Does the brand have a service? Do the market new technology that makes their service better, faster and cheaper? How is the Brand measuring success? Does the increase in visitors mean a better return on marketing? Can they trace how much more money they are making from their online marketing efforts?

Of course Taurad has been marketing online since March of 1996. During that time we have seen the Internet evolve, websites come and go, Google start up and dominate and the latest that I have seen is the following: Facebook book has joined with Microsoft, Aka or Microsoft and Yahoo have partnered to capture increased market share. Facebook Claims to have over 500 million users and a growing Pay Per Click market. But Google is still the biggest and most profitable website on the Internet today. Sure is stepping up their game. But it just goes to show you, simple and free are what people online want to see and use.

Now there is one thing I do like that Facebook started, the LIKE button. The LIKE button is huge!!!! If you like something and tell your friends about it via your profile, wall posts, pokes or emails, then they will look at what you like and if they need that product or service, and they feel it is at the price they can afford or has value, they will purchase more than if they had a need and went searching and found that product. This is where things are changing.

Now of course you are on and well I am taking the time to write this bit of information…so I will let you know a secret. Taurad has a product called STORM. STORM is built into a proven E-Commerce Platform and Integrated into an Affiliate Platform to bring the Internets best of both worlds solution. STORM lets your customers sell to their friends and their friends and their friends 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The best thing is STORM keeps track of the entire process. IF your customer just loves your product or service and sings your praise everywhere, they can get points or money for doing just that. Excited? Well that is not all of the news. If your customer talks about your product and wants to be an affiliate, they can get a link, their own store, website, and personal, trackable phone number, that allows STORM to track E-commerce sales over the Internet and over the Phone. Now if you have read this blog post and contact us, I will know. Is big brother watching???? Ah Yes I am.

Not responsible for run on sentences and misspellings that the electronic dictionary did not catch. I am a programmer and thus are not bound by such things.

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