SEO – Ecommerce Link-Building Optimization strategies

Ecommerce Link-Building Optimization strategies

Good Inbound links help organic rankings in the search engines.Storm Ecommerce platform is no different. Storm needs inbound links from different sources

Create Content to Drive In-bound Links

The proven search engine marketing strategy requires inbound links from multiple sources that have the keyword in the title and in the body copy of the page.
Well STORM has improved on this approach by adding Ecomarketing Technology to automated the process of content distribution and linking building optimization.

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Of course traditional link building strategies below should be continued

Find websites that offer services or advice to their readers about issues related to the products you sell. Seek out those websites, and write how-to articles related to the products you sell, even if it is a product review, and then link back to your site. You may only be able to get a “bio-type” link back to the home page of your website, but that can be a great link to have. You might also consider contacting bloggers who have blogs related to the products you sell and ask them if they will accept a guest post or product review for their blogs. Bloggers often look for relevant content. Once the article or blog post is live on the web, don’t forget to promote it, by submitting it to the social bookmarking websites; tweeting about it and posting it on your Facebook page.

Utilize a blog. Develop your own blog, and write posts for it at least on a weekly basis. Link back from your blog to your own site. In order for this to be effective, you will need to develop links to the blog and the content will need to be useful and compelling. Product reviews are helpful if they are well written and honest. Don’t forget to promote each of the blog posts on the social media websites, as wel

Post to Twitter. Although links from are tagged as “nofollow” links, I have seen evidence that the presence of a nofollow tag can be ignored by Google at times. Also, your Tweets may be shown on other websites that may not include a nofollow tag on the link. Google looks for ways to find quality blog posts and quality links, and the fact that a URL is tweeted and re-tweeted by several people could be an indication that a link is “good.” If you’re able to re-post your Twitter feed on Facebook, Friendfeed, and even on your own website or blog, then you’ll be able to get even more links to your products. Syndicating your Twitter feed is helpful.

Use bookmarking sites. There are hundreds of social bookmarking sites. All of your content, articles, videos, and product reviews should be bookmarked on the major ones. If you vary your social bookmarks with other on-topic articles on your industry, and don’t just include your own bookmarks, then your bookmarks won’t likely be seen as spam. Sometimes it only takes a few links to a product page to “beat out” your competitor’s page (if they’re selling the same product), and social bookmarks may help.

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