Pay Per Click (PPC)

pay per click

Our process is different because we allocate your entire budget to PPC. Our goal is to leverage PPC and connect you with your core audience on social networks.  Happy customers generate more customers.  Leveraging your PPC with social media gets people talking about your brand with their friends.

We maximize your PPC with tangible results!

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Find traffic that generates new customers, sales and repeat business!

TribeQuest services measure success directly to sales by leveraging conversations and engaging your customer through many communication portals. Blogs, Wikis, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter and others all contribute to the overall impact and message you are trying to convey. Keeping a consistent message on each platform is critical for growth and sales. search terms:LOGO OF [...]

World Class Application Hosting

At the end of the day, an app has to be available to the user base. We have a robust hosting infrastructure to make sure your storefronts, social networking tools and social storefronts are up 24/7 and making you money. Peace of mind. Apps making you money! search terms:application hosting metrics

Concise Mobile Development

A good app should be seamless to a user. Our total cross platform development team understand the nuances on how effectively build an app that users want to continue to use on a daily basis. Our philosophy, understanding and relationship with building apps on iPhone, Blackberry and Android is why our clients continually ask us [...]

eCommerce that converts

The Taurad Storm! eCommerce solution is bar none the best, most robust platform available. Whether you are selling content online, in social networks, through blogs, our eCommerce solution is designed to maximize the sales experience.

Spectacular design

The design goal for every website or mobile app is to create an experience that caters to both men and women. We want the experience to be consistent on both Internet and mobile screens. We identify the best way to accomplish the goals set forth and create a visual representation of how the site should [...]

Complete web and mobile development to leverage sales.

Our client’s image must look spectacular, have a killer marketing message and a solid e-marketing strategy. Taurad combines technology, experience and design to build websites that are optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and intuitive user interface to engage visitors. We understand what makes consumers click and more importantly, how the Internet indexes [...]

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