Robust and unique tracking

The core of the SocialWise system is based on the ability to track everything happening online between your brand and the consumer. we do this through a url shortening system called

If someone is saying something positive or negative, we can hone in each profile and give our clients the ability to respond and monitor where the information came from online.

Full control and ability to see everything about your brand, product or service online.  Forensics. Semantic Filtering. URL shortening.

Manage and quantify

The SocialWise system connects to each social network and extracts key metric data from each profile then displays it inside of a robust dashboard. Marketers can easily respond, react and adjust their campaigns instantly while gaining valuable goegraphic and demographic information about their audience. Full Reports. Social CRM. Instant Results.

Publish wide and deep

Pictures, video, text, updates, blogs…now you can  distribute content  into  social networks  and establish easy two-way communication between your brand and audience. SocialWise creates an automated portal for companies to efficiently publish into social media, blogs and search engines. All Automated. One Dashboard. Full Reports.

It’s a Social CRM to publish and manage your sales while tracking every detail.

Let’s  face  it,  social  networks  like  Facebook,  Twitter, MySpace,  YouTube and LinkedIn  have become engrained  into our daily  lives. Companies can no  longer deny marketing potential. Our SocialWise Platform is an Internet based solution that addresses two  core  problems  for  companies  managing their sales force, publishing  and  extracting  critical  information  into  any  social network: search [...]

Social eCommerce – Publish, Manage, Transact

Turn your customers into a sales force for promoting your product and services using our Powerful Social eCommerce tools. Publish, Manage, React. How do you keep track of Multiple profiles and social networks with out losing your head? Simple use Taurad’s One Dashboard to rule them all. Instantly generate traffic Find a whole new universe [...]

Take Social Networks by Storm! with Taurad’s Storm! eCommerce Solution.

Built from the ground up. Taurad’s eCommerce solution turns conversations into transactions. Storm! leverages social networks with one click purchasing inside of popular social networks such as facebook, while allowing customers to initiate , share and promote your products and services to their friends on their walls. Never before has there been a system that [...]

Social Commerce Sales from social media marketing activities

Social commerce enables vendors to merchandise their products on social networking sites, increasing the ROI of social media marketing activities. Twitter Use Twitter integration tools to send out promotions or just use as a customer service channel Facebook Make it easy for your customers to connect with you. Facebook connect so your customers don’t have [...]

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