Social Media Networking are producing the next set of online digital millionaires. Why you ask? How can you stop the power of Product or Service recommendations? Short Answer your CAN’T! Now take the OLD 2 year ago approach of Affiliate Marketing consisting of blog commenting, blog posting, RSSfeed submissions, forum posting, URL / Domain submissions, social bookmarking to many sites using multiple user accounts, social media images and videos, article submission, and press releases. These tactics are great but what about when the visitor comes to your shopping cart?

Affiliates – Social Media Marketing Meets Storm E commerce Solution

If you have not heard about STORM then you must get out more. STORM ties all of your marketing efforts together into one interface. Yes one Dashboard to give you the health of your online social marketing. STORM allows you to see traffic, social conversations, purchasing habits and then use the strength of the most powerful Content Syndication Tool WPcommander and Hotsauce to push out just what your new customers want where they want it. Hungry for more info? Call Mark or Scott at 310 281 3360

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