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Large corporations or small businesses who need to maintain ongoing relationships and sales with their Consumers. Our process creates brand awareness, affiliate sales and provides a platform to continually communicate about the products and/or services while providing critical data on new market trends and niche markets.

Film and Television Studios who need to promote their upcoming releases and shows. Other successful campaigns have leverages the power of social networks to increase ticket sales and maintain dialog long after a film or TV show has been shown. Our process allows for viewing, discussing and monitoring on all three screens (TV, Computer and Mobile).

Labels and Musicians who want to expand their listening audience and need an efficient and widespread method to sell product, keep in touch, manage, and continue to grow their fan network.

Video Game Publishers seeking long term connections with their gamer and game networks. Our methodology builds brand loyalty, character development, and awareness of new games. Our goal is to foster existing and new discussions about game nuances which in turn generates sales through word of mouth.

Software Manufacturers who have call centers and need to maintain consumer confidence, sales, and timely updates to their software and services.

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The right tools under one site.

Internet visitors may be click away, but only a click away from your competitor as well. Data on user behavior and expectations is readily available but few businesses actually use it. Our simple, proven strategies and reporting can match user expectations with an appropriate sales experience Taurad delivers direct relationships with customers who want to [...]

“A Better Tomorrow” Testimonial – Tammy

In addition to Jerrod and Tammy’s testimonials, Taurad has expanded their search strategy into social. By combining search engine marketing (SEM) with the power of social media marketing, all of their website traffic, form submissions and phone calls are exponentially increasing their sales. Call us today and become another success story in the making! search [...]

Social Gifting

For higher cost products, the Taurad Storm Solution can allow customers to tap into their tribe of potential gifters and ask them to contribute to the full purchase amount. Once the total amount is accrued, the purchase order is sent for processing. search terms:social giftingsocial gifting ecommerce

Group Purchasing

Tap into the power of social networking sales by creating a tiered pricing structure based on how many friends or colleagues someone can invite. If someone wants your product or service and they can get 10, 20, 100 of their friends to purchase, you can offer discount incentives based on volume purchases. You also gain [...]

Rewards Network

Similar to an affiliate network, you can reward your customers for purchasing with reward points or incentives to stay connected and loyal to your brand.  The Taurad Storm Solution helps you keep track of every customer and provides intuitive tools to get them to buy more.

Affiliate Network

Would you want an army of sales people out selling your product for free? Turn your best customers into sales agents while providing them all the tools they need to promote your product or services. If they make a sale you can pay them a commission. All tracked and reported by The Storm! eCommerce Affiliate [...]

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